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New Coffees

CUBAN COFFEE - In true Cuban Coffee style, this blend is a VERY sweet and strong blend, served in a small cup (with the traditional sugar already mixed in).  

ESPRESSO - Again, served in the traditional small cup, this selection is a fantastic blend with the expected KICK!  

COFFEE - Of course we serve a standard cup of coffee.  Each cup is INDIVIDUALLY BREWED so there's not a pot sitting around getting old.  The Nespresso system utilizes the utmost in premium blends in combination with a single-serving high quality production machine which brews your cup of coffee RIGHT WHEN YOU ORDER IT.  Decaf also available.  

CAPPUCCINO - this is the real thing; we made the investment in that expensive milk-frothing machine. You choose your blend, regular or decaf.  

MOCHA CAPPUCCINO - Imagine the same quality cappuccino WITH A DASH OF CHOCOLATE!  We add quality chocolate drops to the bottom and the top of each MOCHA CAPPUCCINO we make!  And they're EXTREMELY popular!  

HOT CHOCOLATE - Combine our premium blend hot chocolate (with marshmallows) and a dash of whipped cream, served in a large 12oz. cup (sippy lid optional)  


Iced Coffees

Coffee Toffee - Cookies & Cream - Toasted Coconut - Chocolate Chunk

Floats   Regular/Jumbo 

Drinks 22oz/44oz

Pepsi - Diet - Sierra Mist - Mountain Dew - Slice - Orange - Lipton Sweet - Dr. Pepper




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